Stepping sidewards with Pedestrian / report

Stepping sidewards with Pedestrian (Krok stranou night)

Café located in the courtyard of the New Town Hall might seem like an odd place to have a party, but it worked. Damn, it worked a whole lot. Dimply lit courtyard lent quite a romantic renaissance-esque vibe to otherwise cold metal and glass body of Café Neustadt, which was constantly sunken in austere light show. As far as first visual impressions go, I was sold right there and then. Krok Stranou (loosely translated as “Step Sidewards”) night was a looker, that’s for sure, but being a good party is not just about being an eye candy. Though, it certainly can’t hurt.

At first glimpse, the interior of café felt rather distant and reserved. But these initial rather frosty perceptions were quickly melted away by the general vibe of the place that spread from Floex’s fingertips in all general directions. This bloke is bloody genius – if you don’t already know him, go check him out for sure.


Subject Lost didn’t drop the ball and pick up exactly where Floex left. By that time the crowd was growing more and more restless and Subject Lost’s somewhat harsher delivery helped to keep them in place, interested and precooked for the night walker himself.

Gradual built up towards our main man was not in vein. For a brief moment everything went quiet and dark in one solemn wordless greeting of the dusk strider. You could nearly taste the vibrant, electrifying anticipation in the air.

Pedestrian, the night sky traveler, took us for a walk and even though we barely moved an inch it felt like journey through the stars. There was something candid, almost exupérian about his performance and gosh darnit I gulped it all – and I wasn’t the only one. That night, that moment, we all followed him, wherever he went. He could do no wrong. That night, it was Pedestrian zone only.


Later he wrote on his Facebook wall:

Belated thanks to the promoters and all that made it to Krok Stranou in Prague on Friday, one of the best, open minded and responsive audiences I’ve ever had. Hope to be back soon!

Seems the feeling was mutual.

Musically the whole Krok Stranou was nice and compact, nothing stuck out too much, but it still offered enough diversity to keep even the most grumpiest post-intellectual whippersnappers standing in the corners interested through the whole night (I should know, I was one of them).

 There was something different about this party and for the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on it – but then I realized what it was. It almost felt like spontaneous house party at your friend’s kitchen, just move the dining table to the side and let’s go nuts. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the whole event felt very comfortable. All in all, I never felt so warm in such a chilly environment.


From what I’ve heard, Krok Stranou crew set out to achieve quite straightforward goal: to set themselves apart from other events in city. I can’t really be judge of that, but what they presented and delivered at Café Neustadt on May 30 sure as hell felt special. As it turns out, stepping sidewards does not always lead of the road.

So cheers to you, Krok Stranou crew, and also to all those people who hung around and made this one particularly enjoyable and icy hot evening, night and early morning on all accounts. Hopefully see you soon at another kick ass party of yours. To paraphrase Kansas’ famous hit: Carry on my sideward sons!

Foto: Ondřej Tůma, Prague – Up & Coming, Vojtěch Solař

Text: Wormwood